Divergent Talent has internship opportunities in our Honolulu and LA offices. We are looking for interns who are eager to learn about the talent management business and overall entertainment landscape. 


Current departments available:

* IT/Media Team
* Business Operations
* Scouting/Development

What does an internship entail?

Internships are volunteer positions at a firm. This is your opportunity to learn and to be involved with many aspects of the management business, including being in contact with agents and casting directors, interacting with clients, welcoming clients and potential clients into the office, scheduling meetings, handling auditions, packaging submissions and answering phones

The advantages of an internship include:

* Learning the logistics of talent management work
* Learning the basic aspects of marketing
* Learning about customer service and customer communication
* Learning about the fashion, digital/print media and entertainment industries

Other advantages include:

* A fast-paced work environment
* Meeting creative people
* Exposure to potential career opportunities should you decide to pursue this industry

Internship requirements:

Outgoing, assertive personalities are best suited to the fast-paced environment of a talent agency. Flexibility and quick thinking are absolutely required. The talent management environment doesn’t allow much time for training so an intern must be a quick study.

Finally, interns must have a willingness to perform work that does not appear glamorous (filing, data processing, etc).



Three months minimum. Interns may volunteer to work one or more days a week, 24 hours per week max.  This is not a paid position, but school credit is an option.

You can apply for an internship by sending filling out the form below.

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